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By Johan Skånland

From the time of creation of man to the final Judgment.

It can be placed in seven different time ages Efes 3-2. In these time ages, God deals differently whit humanity or parts of humanity in conditions whit their sin and the responsibility of man. Every time ages can be viewed as a new test for humanity and awry one ends whit Judgment. It shows that the fallen nature of man is a complete failure and self destructive. We are living in the sixth time age, which is probable near to be closed. Then we have one Age left the seventh millennium.

1Man in the state of innocent

This Age is reach from the time of creation of Adam to they was chased out of paradise. Adam was innocent without experience whit good and evil .He and his Wife was placed in the garden together. God gave them the responsibility to keep away from the tree of good and evil this condition result in the first act of disobedience and ended whit Judgment and the consequence, they was driven out of paradise.

2 Man in the Age of conscience

The consequence of the fall, man got knowledge of good and evil. This gave the conscience a basis for a new moral a power of judgment. Man comes under the measure of responsibility to do good and flee from evil. The outcome of this age was (Genesis 6-5) the evil of man was great on the earth the hart of man and their thought was evil. Judgment came and exterminates with water the whole world only Noah and his family survived.

3 Man rules over the Earth

Eight souls was saved from this Judgment, in a new beginning on a cleansed earth .They was given outstretched power to rule over the world .Noah and his descendants shod have the responsibility to rule under Gods will. The result of this man ruled age was that they trays to be independent of God, this age ended whit the confusion of Babel.

.4 Man in the age of promises

From the scattered descendants of Babel God calls Abraham in a covenant whit him. Some of the promises Abraham and his descendants was given, was totally of free grace. These promises is fulfilled or will be fulfilled in the future. Other promises was of the conditional of Israelis faithfulness and obedience...All these conditions was broken and the age of promises result in Israelis complete failure and ended whit slavery in Egypt.

5 Men under the Law.

The grace of God came to the helpless people in slavery in Egypt .the Lord sawed his chosen people out of slavery in Egypt .In the desert of Sinai God gave a new covenant for the Jews based on the Ten Commandments. The people answered presumptuous awry thing the Lord says will we do.Israels history in the desert and later in the Promised Land is a long counting of transgressions of the law. In the end after many warnings God closed this age whit Judgment first was Israel and then Judea driven away from their country and chattered around the whole earth .And it has been so into our time. Under Ezra and Nehemiah a rest returned. And a rest in Christ bore of a women born under the law.

6 Man under grace

The death of Christ was the beginning of the age of the Grace of God. Complete and eternal salvation is now offered both Jews and gentiles who believe on his complete salvation and redemption. God gives his justification. To man, whit no condition as the time of the law. The outcome of this test of man under grace is predicted. Judgment over an unbelieving world and an apostasy church. The greatest event in this time age is the coming for his believers, and take them with him to haven. Tess 4-16-17.And then shall we always be whit the Lord.

7 Man under the rule of Messiah.

After a cleansing Judgment whit the coming of Christ to the earth he shall rule over the re-establish Israel and the rest of the earth. He shall rule from Jerusalem and the saved from the Age of grace shall be with Him, in his Glory. This will be a glories time on earth, the golden Age. In the end Satan will be realest for a short while, in the age, last face, then finds the natural man back to evil. Just like before and he can whit out great difficulty gathering people in war against the Lord and His holy .This last age ends like the other ages whit Judgment.

.The Judgment of the Great white Throne .This will be the last resurrection of all the death in history,and they will have their sentence. Then there will be a new Heaven and Earth. (Eternity)

Source C.I. Scofield.

contribution- By Stein A Johannessen

All these time ages shows that we are crated to live in the presence of the Lord .When we lost the nearness of God we lost life itself He has crated us to live awry day in his guides and his love .He is our Shepherd

He really Love us

Adam where are you