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The Man from Lebesby in the county of  Finnmark



Der Mann aus Lebesby in der Grafschaft Finnmark


3 Weltkrieg - Der Eismeerfischer Anton Johansson (1858–1929)




Or "Lebesbymannen" as he was called was born in Tarna in Swedish Lapland on May 24, 1858. The parents were regular working people, and the children had to learn to work early. Around 1874, the family moved to Lebesby in Norway. Anton Johnsen grew up in a steady working man's family, where fear and frugality were at the forefront. He himself did fishing and farming with his brothers. Literature in Lebesby was bad, which is why the Bible became his only and dearest reading. When he was seven years old, he was out in the woods looking after his parents' sheep and cows. Suddenly, a bear faced him, but Anton simply folded his hands and began to pray. The bear just stood and looked at him, then it turned away and wandered into the forest. In both the 18th and 19th centuries, some people were beaten to death by the bear in Finnmark. He promised his mother that he would never neglect morning and evening prayer for as long as he lived


His first vision came when he was 26 years old:

It was Good Friday night in 1884 that he had his first vision. In one vision, he saw his two brothers perish at sea at a reef located about 25 miles from his hometown. He couldn't sleep the night the accident happened, he knew something was about to happen and started praying. In spirit, he saw his two brothers lying on the seabed, and a voice said, "Behold, there are thy brethren." He recognized the place very well, because he had often been there fishing. In the morning, the accident happened.

A few years later, he was sitting in Lebesby Church, when he suddenly felt a strong force enveloping him, and he heard a voice speaking into his right ear, which said , "Anton Johansen, you shall pray for the communion guests!"

There were 6-8 people in the church, including a newlywed couple. Everyone was gathered at the Communion table. He would turn to where the voice came from to see who spoke to him. But in the same thing came a dazzling strong skin that prevented him from lifting his eyes to see. Eight days later, the young couple whom he had especially known drowned the warning and intercession applied.


Jesus on the Cross


In another view, Anton Johansen saw Jesus on the cross. It was the dead, pierced body of Christ, radiated by an overwhelming light. From his right side, the Lord spoke to him and said, "This is what I looked like when I suffered for your sins and all the sins of the world. You shall not be foresed or discouraged, you shall perform what I say to you." He feared that it might be the temptress who stood for him, but the Lord knew his thoughts and said, "Fear not, the tempter is not allowed to wear the crown of thorns." He now felt that His soul was filled with great power, and He learned that it was the Savior He was facing. His arms were outstretched with coarse iron rivets through his hands. The face was lean and  dividely distorted by pain. Down the cheeks, droplets of blood flowed into long dark strips. The face color was sunburned and dark. The hair was black, medium thick and it was stroked backwards and hung in the middle of the neck. The crown of thorns sat with the taging deeply pressed into the head and forehead. The eyes were medium-sized, the color of the eyes I could not see, the forehead was high and quite wide. His body was lean and almost naked. And from the wound in the side, blood was pouring. Through the feet was a powerful iron nail, and under them there was a piece of wood on the sole of the foot. He did not discover any inscription board above his head and the cross did not resemble the usual depictions. It looked more like a big T.

When Anton Johansen saw him on the cross, surrounded by glory, he sank into humble prayer. He asked him to help him in the years to come.


Cain's brand


Of his visions, Anton recalled: When I was amazed at my ability, I began to read the Bible from cover to cover. And at the end of each chapter, I prayed for love and humility. That's how I went on for two years. Since then, I've heard and seen a lot of strange things. I have often been awakened by the spirit of admonition for prayer for people who have been in need. Often in storms and hurricanes that have raged on the different parts of the earth.

Once I was awakened and formal to pray for some sailors who were out in a hurricane in the West Indian waters. Likewise, I have been informed of the great earthquakes at St. Pierre, Messina, San Francisco and elsewhere. After the various revelations, I've always looked in the papers to see if it's right. And it's always turned out that it's happened the way I've seen.

There was a man at home in Lebesby for whom I was one day strongly admonitioned to pray. I also saw a dark shadow over his face. He died a few years later. This shadow over my face I use to look at people who are about to die or perish.

Especially those who are about to perish at sea. It has never happened that the sign has proved erroneous.

I've also seen people with Cain's brand. It consists of a wide black rim above the muzzle and away with the ears. I've looked at people who have committed murder.

One day when I was going to go to a house in the neighboring town, I suddenly stopped on the road and felt a great anxiety in my soul. A little bit from me, a man stood deflected and chopped wood. I was exhorted in spirit to pray for the man, so I snapped my hands and prayed that God would be gracious to him. As I walked forward and past him, I saw the black rim from my nose and towards my ears. I was wondering what that was supposed to mean, because it was the first time I saw this. Then I heard a voice saying it was Cain's mark.

A few days later, the man was seized and taken to Finland to receive his punishment for a murder he had committed.

Another time when I was sitting with a number of wedding guests at the dinner table, I suddenly looked over the face of a young man whom I knew, the same brand. I was horrified and wondered how this could be connected, because I had never heard anything like this about the man. While we were sitting there, a sheriff's deputy came and picked him up. He had been involved in an attempt to poison a man, and now it was discovered. I have looked at a couple of people in Kristiania and Stockholm. And I've been told that these people have been suspected of murder, but that there hasn't been sufficient evidence against them.


The Lebesby Man's own account


On the afternoon of November 13, 1907, he felt extraordinarily tired, and therefore went to bed early. He fell asleep as soon as he went to bed. Just after midnight, he was awakened by a voice that spoke to him, saying "You shall be given to know the secrets of the kingdom of heaven. The first misfortune to hit you is that your brother's son will drown tomorrow." At the same time, he felt radiated by an overwhelming heavenly light, and felt lifted up to an atmosphere of indescribable purity. The skin was so strong that it almost dazzled him. And when he tried to turn his head toward the place where the voice came from, to see who was speaking, he felt so unworthy that he bowed his head in prayer. And at the same time, he felt heavenly happiness pierce his soul, and he understood that it was Jesus who spoke to him.

In spirit, he was taken to the place where the accident with his brother's son was to occur. He saw and recognized the man who was at the helm when his brother's son was thrown overboard by the storm. They were going to swing past an odd one when they turned the helm over too fast. The sailing boom was thrown over at such speed that the young man did not get away in time, but was knocked overboard.

The moment he fell overboard, Anton Johansen saw him wearing a pure white suit. This accident made a strong impression on Anton Johansen. The Savior followed Him on His right.

Everything around him was a sea of light of indescribable beauty. At breakfast at 8:00 in the morning, I was with the boy. But I couldn't get myself to say what I'd seen that night. It felt so indescribably hard to have to do it. Instead, I prayed quietly to the Lord that he must be with him and keep him.

After breakfast, the boy went out to sea. I didn't know anything about it. And without me being allowed to warn him. He was gone all day. And at 4:00 in the afternoon, when I was out chopping wood, I suddenly felt like I'd had cold water all over me. I seemed to choke and I felt a strong anxious struggle in my heart and a call to prayer. At the same time, it was clear to me that the accident had now affected my brother's son. I fell to my knees in the sneer where I stood and asked the Lord to be gracious to his soul. After a while, in my heart I felt a silence and calmness, and I realized that the battle of death was over.

There was a storm at sea that day. The accident happened exactly as I had seen it in my vision the previous night. It was a hard blow for me. The days that followed were indescribably heavy. I've regretted many times since I didn't take and warned him that morning.


Titanic Shipwreck


On November 17, 1907, he was also told that a large ship named "Titanic" would go on an iceberg and shipwreck on his first voyage from Europe to the Americas.

In spirit, he was taken to the U.S. coast where the accident occurred. Large blocks of ice floated around the sea. Suddenly he saw the lights and the lit lanterns from a ship emerging from the darkness of the night. It was fast approaching and he saw it was a giant steamer. At the same time, he saw an iceberg at sea further ahead. Soon after, the accident happened. And a very drowning needed through the night. The steamer immediately began to sink. He was gripped by a terrible anxiety, seeing people lying in the sea and fighting desperately for their lives. This whole incident, he saw just like in the light of a floodlight.

Røsten said the accident came as punishment for the pride of the English  (British) . He heard several of the passengers' names mentioned, clearly he heard the name "Astors" the American multimillionaire.

He was told in spirit to telegraph to this man and the ship's shipping company. But he didn't do this. Partly because he was too weak in his faith, partly because he believed that no one would believe him, partly because he believed that the calamity could be averted through his prayers

The night the ship capsized,

the night between a Sunday and Monday in April, he could not sleep. He felt a lot of unease. And the name "Titanic" came time and time again for him. He was very unhappy because he hadn't telegraphed. He began to pray for the ship, but some time afterwards he felt that the accident had already happened. It felt as if someone had knocked a bucket of cold water over him, and an icy cold passed through his soul. Then he calmed down again.

That same night, he also heard the names of two other ships that were to go under. The names were "Empress of Ireland" and "Malmberget".

In January 1912, in his hometown, he met two sailors from Malmberget and felt encouraged to pray for them. He did this quietly, telling them to turn to the Lord and be careful at sea.

In December 1913, "Malmberget" went under, and both sailors were included.


The sight november night 1907


The misfortunes that were to come upon the world, I saw and heard in different ways.

In spirit, I was taken to the various places where the events would occur. I recognized these and perceived as clearly as if as a schoolboy I had sat bent over my mother brother's map.

I looked ahead to a long row of years ahead, and next to the years in this great time calendar, so I set the events that were going to happen. All incidents were mentioned to me in order going forward. And where I didn't get specific years or times indicated, I got secure leadership threads in the events themselves The voice that spoke to me was gentle and clear. In spirit, I got to see the officers that I would have for the next seven years as bosses at the survey work in Finnmark.

I saw them with maps in front of them, at the same time their names were mentioned to me , and for each name mentioned a year. I also learned in what funnels I should be for each year during this work.

It was in Karasjok, Porsanger and Laksefjord men's.

The officers' names were: Captain David Ebbesen, Captain T.Herzberg, Lieutenant Sandvik, Lieutenant Hven, Captain Solberg and Captain Riber. This revelation was given to me as a sign that the world war was to come after seven years of progress.

The seventh officer was to be named Knutsen. It was told to me that the year that I was with him in the summer, I should not be home christmas after and that by next year's Christmas the world war should have broken out for the sake of mankind.


I saw in the spirit of my hometown and was carried through the illuminated space across vast expanses of Europe. I first saw the place where I was going to work when the war came. I saw from there the sun in the northwest at the time of day when it was only a couple of hours below the horizon. And so I understood that the war was going to break out at the end of July or the beginning of August. I saw the tent that we had pitched at the workplace on the west side of porsangerfjorden.

I saw little bearded men running to the tent. They were dispatched by the Telegraph to call us home and inform us of the war.

Anton Johansen got to see the whole of World War I. And he was, in spirit, taken to the fronts both east and west. He also heard about major internal unrest in Germany and several other countries. (About the end of peace in 1918, he was first heard in the war year 1917.) The Lord said, "For the evil of men, the world war shall come. But you will do what you can to inform and warn Emperor Wilhelm that he must not be misled into agreeing to the war. You're going to be my witness. You will stand before the Norwegian government and before the Storting in Kristiania - Stockholm - Berlin and Emperor Wilhelm."

There will be great suffering over England.(UK)

The voice told me, "England stood before an abyss, and was about to crash into. This country is going to be very humiliated. There will be rebellion in India, which ends with India's liberation. (It happened in 1947, 19 years after Anton Johansen's death.)

England will also have rebellion in other of its colonies, and England can be happy if it loses only India.

England's future seems particularly dark. Repeatedly mentioned the name of England in connection with major accidents."




About America, I heard the Lord say that five great wars awaited this country in the future. Of which a couple of exceedingly violent civil wars, which resulted in America being blown up in four or five smaller federal states.

(Since 1907, the United States has been involved in these wars : World War II, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, and the Gulf War)

There was a lot I learned about America, but when these events occurred to us less, I didn't put them too closely to memory.

Therefore, I cannot recall any exact timing of these events.




Socialism broke through in the Scandinavian countries to complete victory. For two of the Nordic countries, I heard the word "revolution" mentioned. But it seemed to have gone without bloodshed, because nowhere did I see any skirmishes or battles with weapons power.

In the smaller country, the upheaval came first. In connection with these events, I heard King Gustaf of Sweden's name mentioned. I don't remember any exact time in this context.

All I heard was that the upheavals in both countries came before the Franco-Spanish War.

In Sweden, socialism broke through later than in the other countries.


New dangerous diseases


After the world war, there will be diseases that were not previously known, and the doctors shall be powerless against them. These diseases are supposed to ravage people violently.

In particular, France should suffer hard under these and lose a lot of people.

A lung disease is going to ravage a lot and require a lot of victims, especially in Sweden. There I looked closely with black crosses all over the country.

The next period of illness came after the Anglo-Indian War. New unknown diseases of a violent species arose. They were more dangerous than anyone else who has ever crossed the earth before.

They spread throughout the world and demanded terrible sacrifices of people. (AIDS?) No remedy could stand against them.

In particular, they ravaged Russia, for the voice said that these and other diseases should haunt Russia for its great wickedness.

One of the most dangerous was people becoming blind and insane. For those who were attacked by this disease, it was very dangerous to enjoy alcohol.

The third major period of illness came after the Spanish-French War. It was partly a malignant lung disease. But also new and unknown diseases arose in connection with hereby.

One of them was an ugly skin disease, something leprosy similar, that caused the dissolution of the body (Ebola virus?)

In Spain and France, they ravaged the worst. But then they spread throughout Europe and much of the rest of the world.

France, in this disease, lost large masses of its best youth.

Also in the Scandinavian countries, all these diseases made violent interventions, and the voice said that "it should be noted on the population number."




Natural disasters


Natural disasters occurred in several parts of the world. And in the interior of the earth, in several places began an uneasy business. Large earthquakes and huge volcanic eruptions haunted the different areas of the Earth, and partly places that have previously always been earthquake-free areas.

When I had seen the world war and all the accidents and sufferings it would bring to the people, I was in spirit taken to the countries and coasts around the North Sea, where these accidents were revealed to me.

Iceland was one of the first names I heard in connection with the earthquakes. But whether it was here or at the bottom of the North Sea, as the accident originated, I didn't see that as clear.

I was very amazed when the Lord mentioned these places. Because I knew this wasn't the area on Earth where volcanoes and earthquakes used to occur.

But the Lord mentioned the names with decisiveness several times. And that I really hadn't been wrong, I understood even more, when immediately after I saw the whole accident and the places that were haunted by this one.

The accident affected all North Sea states. But no country was so badly haunted by it as England.

The voice also said that the accident should come because of England's pride.

Twilight rested over all the North Sea states. And no stars lit up the sky. From the sea blew a strong wind. And in the Norwegian mountains, the snow had not yet begun to fall for the year. In spirit, I was taken to the funnels at Trondheim.

I stood on the beach looking out over the sea, as the ground immediately began to tremble beneath me. The houses inside Trondheim were buzzing like leaves, and a couple of tall wooden buildings fell when the beach collapsed.

Immediately afterwards, a very drowning sounded out of the sea, and a very crash fjord came rolling at tremendous speed and hit the rock face.

In the low-lying places, it continued inland. The tidal wave flooded much of the city and caused major damage.

Large warehouses collapsed and were washed away by the waves.

The floods stretched along the entire Norwegian coast, all the way from South of Norway up to the funnels at Bodø. And I heard the names of several of the cities that are here. When I had seen in spirit the damage that calamity did in my homeland, I was in spirit taken to the great cities of England's east coast. Where the accident wreaked havoc.

The entire east coast and large stretches far inland were flooded here.

Especially the city of Hull and the surrounding areas were badly mistook.

Scotland was hit hard. And it seemed that a large part of this land sank into the sea.

Further south, I got to see London. It turned out that London was the city in England where the accident had the greatest scope. Ports and docks were completely destroyed.

A large amount of houses had collapsed, and in the water appeared masses of floating debris. Several vessels had wrecked in the harbour, and some had even been thrown up among the houses on land. It was an accident for England if it had never seen before.

Out at sea, a multitude of vessels were lost, and many sailors perished. A large amount of the fish and herring in the sea floated dead among the waves in large shoals.

The flood continued into the English Channel. And destroyed here ports and towns on both sides.

In particular, I heard the French city of Rouen was mentioned.

Also a couple of places on France's north coast, which I now don't remember the names of.

Furthermore, I heard large parts of Holland and Belgium as well as the German north coast mentioned as hard-haunted places. Among the worst-exposed cities, I heard Antwerp and Hamburg mentioned.

Hamburg also got to see - and it looked like this city, second only to London, was the hardest haunted. I also heard mentioned that large inventories here were lost.

Denmark's north and west coasts and the ports and towns that are located here, and the entire Swedish west coast had a strong feeling about the accident.

On the Swedish side, I heard Gothenburg, Malmo and Helsingborg being mentioned. Also in the Baltic Sea and down towards the Mediterranean, the flood needed. But the damage probably wasn't that great here, because in these places I didn't hear a name being mentioned, and the sight here turned out to be blurred




Around the same time as the volcanic eruption, I saw in spirit a very hurricane that stretched across two world oceans. When it was shown to me, around the same time as the hurricane, I'm not quite sure which of the accidents came first. It wasn't that easy to discern, but from what I think, the volcanic eruption came first.

I can't say whether these accidents were connected to each other. It was probably autumn or spring when this accident came, because nowhere did I look in the field.

In spirit, I was taken to the Pacific Ocean and the areas around the Panama Canal, where this hurricane originated. The names of these areas were told to me with great clarity. And from my place in space, I could clearly discern the character and form of the country. There were, among other things, huge stretches of mountains, rocky landscapes and islands. The hurricane raged with ferocity from these areas, and northeast across the U.S. continent. It over the coastal states with their million cities, plantations, ports and large facilities and razed them with great ferocity.

The buildings were thrown over en masse, and in the large plantation states everything was razed. The fields were subseed by the sea, which in mighty waves washed over land.

Vessels went missing and were thrown ashore. The ports and inventories were destroyed to the extent that the voice told me that it was a question of whether they could ever be rebuilt.

Of the plantations, it was mentioned in particular Virginia, and the states around the Mexican Bay, and especially Florida.

The hurricane raged across the Mississippi Valley, continuing up against the Great Lakes. Chicago, Minneapolis, Washington and New York were described as severely haunted. There were explosions and fire disasters on a scale that I hadn't thought possible.

The sky resembled a single sea of flames in these places. Everything was shrouded in clouds of smoke, in the last city I saw ruins of collapsed houses. The storm chased horribly through the streets and the large skyscrapers swayed like reeds for the wind.

A Russian army came from Siberia across the Bering Strait to Alaska and Canada, at the same time as these horrific explosions occurred in the cities. But the Russian army did not reach far. It was also the reason why America could not send aid to Europe.


Anton Johansen speculated a lot about what might be causing these disasters, almost simultaneously in England and the United States. He was unaware of the atomic bomb and its horrific effects in 1907. Today, we know that the enormous explosions of the atomic bomb not only provoke major fire disasters, but also cause disturbances in the higher air layers, triggering violent storms. And for us today, the strategy of the Russians must occur quite logically. At the same time as lightning invasion in Europe, it will be of utmost importance to them right from the start to paralyze both England and the United States, thereby trying and preventing them from coming to the rescue of the invaded Europe.


From Canada, the hurricane then continued across the Atlantic, toward Europe. It raged across Spain, France and Morocco, into the Mediterranean and into Russia. Also over England it went forward with great ferocity and continued up against the Scandinavian countries. A multitude of sailors and vessels went under. I heard the voice say, "It's a pity for the sailors


Hurricane in Scandinavia


The hurricane also caused major damage in Denmark and Sweden. Where I also heard the names Gothenburg, Malmo and Helsingborg mentioned.

Norway also had a hard time. But the Norwegian mountains seemed to put a dampener on the hurricane. I have, together with thousands, for more than two years asked the Lord to spare men from this calamity.

(That's probably why it hasn't happened yet)

And even if these calamityes are to wait for them, we must not forget to ask the Lord that He keep us from them. Because it looked like they absolutely had to come. At first, I didn't want to believe the Lord's words about the volcano. Because I thought to myself - this is not the place on Earth where volcanoes and earthquakes tend to occur. But the Lord said firmly that the calamity should happen.

Major mining accidents and floods also occurred. Germany and northern France were primarily haunted by the mining accidents and West Germany by the floods.

Here, huge stretches were put underwater. There were terrible injuries that these floods caused. Several mines were filled with water, and others collapsed due to underground disasters.


New wars


However, it was militarily equipped with great urgency. Wars are supposed to occur as early as the mid-30s, where the now mentioned were among the first.


There will also be a bloody war in Spain. And as a warning or as a sign of these wars, the mining accidents and floods in Germany and France will come. The first war to come after these calamitys will be between France and Spain, and it will be horrifying to the world. France in particular will suffer severely under this, as diseases also come in addition. This war is going to come 15 to 20 years from now.


(Unless the Lord in His grace postpones it, and He clearly has.)


.. The Lord told me He would give us back peace if the people could be united in prayer to Him.



Russian invasion of France and the Franco-Spanish War


Russian troops suddenly toppled a day in through Germany towards the Rhine and France, where intense fighting took place. I saw the American weapons stockpiles that were there fall into the hands of the Russians. And I both heard and saw that at that time there were terrible weapons, which one does not know of today (1907)


The Russians gained dominion in France with the help of the country's own communists. As in a violent civil war just before, had set all of Paris on fire. They settled in central and southern France, and from there they then waged war against Spain.


This Franco-Spanish war was terrible - not just for those involved - but for the whole world. For here one used the terrible new weapons, and the impact of them was terrible. They led to blindness, frenzy and complete destruction of the entire human body. (Chemical warfare?)


Russia's and France war on Norway and Sweden


The last major accident I saw was Russia and France's war against Sweden and Norway.

At that time, socialism had completely penetrated throughout the Nordic region. And in Sweden, the Socialists held government clothes in their hand. They thought about disarming, but they had not succeeded in carrying out that until then. But by the way, it seemed to do as they pleased and was, through their actions, partly to blame for the war. For the sake of great wickedness, the Socialists should also contribute as a cause.

The Socialists had until then managed to carry out a large part of the disarming and made major restrictions on the country's defense system. As a result, large numbers of Swedish and Norwegian men now had to give their lives unnecessarily – and that the progress that was only needed a little more, to reach, failed.

The French attacked Gothenburg. They attacked the city for weeks with strong air fleets, which at that time were far more developed than now. There were many war tools and war machines in this war, which do not exist now. Flying machines and airships appeared in large swarms over the city. The airships carried by the French in such quantities at the bombardment of Gothenburg were constructed in three different parts or layers beneath each other, as it seemed, and at large intervals.

If I perceived right, they seemed here and there to be connected by thin steel lines. At the top was a very large coil-shaped gas balloon, underneath this one, at a good distance, maybe a hundred meters or so, a somewhat smaller balloon, and at the far end one even smaller. These airships came in whole swarms or flotillas. They resembled large fog dots and were shrouded in smoke, triggering masses of grenades across the places below. People fell on the streets of Gothenburg in large numbers. Oddly enough, there were a lot of people out there.

Gothenburg, whose largest and most important part at that time was west of the river, had the largest part transformed into a gravel mound.

I saw a multitude of large graves for fallen Swedes and Norwegians, who fought shoulder to shoulder. On the west side of the river and out along the coast, the largest and bloodiest battles were fought. The French attacked repeatedly and lost scores of people. But they landed incessantly new troops and reinforcements, while Swedes and Norwegians received no notable rescue.

Nevertheless, the French' resources were almost exhausted when the Swedes capitulated.

At one of the great graves, I saw the mayor of Gothenburg, an old man in a gray coat. He was saddened that both of his sons, who were engineers, would fall into the fight for gothenburg's defense, and he said to me " It does not help if two are righteous, when the Swedes have sinned to the extent that the Lord allows the French to prevail. Europe believed that Sweden and Norway would be oppressed, but God be promised that in his grace he spared us."

A couple of inventions of war were of immense benefit to the Swedes in their defense. New types of weapons that until then appeared to have been kept secret, or had just been invented. In particular, there was one in the electrical area that the Swedes were alone in all over the world, and which caused the French to fall in large numbers at Gothenburg. There was therefore very little that was needed for the Swedes to prevail. And had the country's other defense assets not been so bad, neither the French nor the Russians would have been able to overcome the Swedes.

The old man told me that if Sweden and Norway could endure another 14 days, the entire French army would have been destroyed

And he went on to say that had the French known that the Swedes had such horrible weapons, they would never have dared to attack.

At the same time, the German Reichstag also agreed to help us. I saw in this context Vattern and the beaches with villages on both sides. I saw a large house above Gothenburg, where the sun shone in the window, and the field outside was green as in summer. All over the swedish west coast there was heavy smoke, all the way down to Helsingborg and Malmo. And I heard that even the towns that are here were subjected to aerial bombardment.

In particular, I heard mentioned Helsingborg, Malmo and Lund, as the cities that were haunted. Stockholm was also attacked by air fleets and had many houses cut down, but still generally succeeded better in its defense than Gothenburg. The Air Force seemed to be better arranged and more efficient, among other things, the Swedes here had more air machines at their disposal.

The Russians fell into Sweden from two places. A department made a whim on Gotland. I saw the Russians with their masses go ashore and flooded the whole island, like Øland. On Gotland, I saw long march columns of Russian troops. Heavy smoke was billowing all over the island. They landed south of Stockholm, probably near Vastervik - I couldn't so carefully separate out the square - partly to go towards Stockholm and partly towards Gothenburg, to help the French. However, they did not get further than a bit into Småland until the Swedes capitulated at Gothenburg


Russian attack in the north


The Russians attacked with their second division in the north. They fell into northern Sweden with huge masses. Partly over Haparanda - Torneå, where a railway was then built, partly over Kvarken. Others were landed at Umeå. In a great hurry, the Swedes mobilized, but it was strangely easy for the Russians to arrive. The whole of northern Sweden was conquered, and one of the cities that was worst haunted and plundered, I heard Gävle mentioned. I fear that the Socialists had done treacherous tricks at Boden, as I did not see such resistance there as at Gothenburg.

In the areas closer, and north of Stockholm, there was a great deal of bravery on the part of the Swedes.


The Russians into Finnmark


In Norway, the Russians fell into the eastern part of Finnmark. I saw two railroads. At this time, a railway from Finland went up to Lake Enare and from here it continued through the Pasvik valley and into the northeast. On this track I saw a Russian railway train, I saw the Russians standing tightly tangled in the carriages. The land was hilly.

What I saw was the Pasvik Valley. The train was heading east towards the Murmansk coast. From this great railway there seemed to be a smaller one, from the southern end of Lake Enare to a place north of this lake. >br> The first major front line and the first major battle, I saw at the Tana River between Valjok and Port in the lower part of Karasjok. The battle line was about 20 miles long, and the battle was very bloody. The Norwegians who were beaten retreated to the areas towards the Porsangerfjord.

New lines of defense were set up between the Gaiserne and lower Skoganvarre waters. I saw the Gais in both east and west, and a battle line that was several miles long. Here I saw fallen soldiers and warmen burying the dead. Here I saw masses of graves, corpses and twisted faces and limbs. The field was stone-rich, so hardly a horse could get there in several places. Over large stretches there were fallen scattered - in some places in large piles. Stumps of limbs protruded into the graves. But the fighting didn't just narrow to these places, because the voice said "There's a fierce battle along the borders, and here you see two battles.

"However, the Norwegians, who carried out several attacks and counterattacks, were also beaten here, and had to give way far south to the masses of russians.

It had also been fought over at Kirkenes, but especially I saw these other mentioned places and battles. Also in the north it was summer.

The battles in Southern Norway In South Norway, south of Oslo, near the Swedish border, Norwegians and Swedes also fought shoulder to shoulder. The French warships and air fleets also carried out attacks against the Norwegian coastal towns, causing considerable destruction in their places. The aerial bombardment stretched along the entire Norwegian coast, from the southernmost Norway, all the way up to Trondheim.

I heard that name. Bergen, Drammen and Oslo were also mentioned as highly haunted. But none of the Norwegian cities were as thoroughly destroyed as Kristiansand, it was entirely in ruins.

Defeat of Norway and Sweden

Sweden and Norway had to make peace against their will. The loss for the Swedes was only Gotland or Øland. From what I remember, the Swedes didn't have to forgo any of Norrland. There was a great deal of resentment in Sweden over the peace decision. Only a very small weight in the scales would have been required for both the French and the Russians to have lost.

As Sweden's defeat was sealed, Norway's defeat was sealed.

Norway had to abstain. Defeat of Norway and Sweden


Sweden and Norway had to make peace against their will. The loss for the Swedes was only Gotland or Øland. From what I remember, the Swedes didn't have to forgo any of Norrland. There was a great deal of resentment in Sweden over the peace decision. Only a very small weight in the scales would have been required for both the French and the Russians to have lost.

As Sweden's defeat was sealed, Norway's defeat was sealed.

Norway had to forgo all of Finnmark and all land north and east of the Lyngenfjord. It seemed that France and Russia intended to go even further. It looked as if it was the Russians' intention to substow the entire northern half of the Scandinavian peninsula.

When I anxiously asked the Lord if both countries should perish, the Lord showed me the Lyngenfjord and said , "So far they shall come and no longer

The Lord told me he had set the boundaries. And it was said twice with a specific voice that the boundaries should go here, for Norway in question.


It was the trade in Finnmark's border district that was the cause of this war.

(Some years ago, this was impossible. Today (1999) trade takes place between Finnmark and Russia.)

At this time, trade in Finnmark had largely surpassed that of the Russians. To the south, trade for Norway and Sweden had been made more difficult by import bans in the different countries. This caused strife, and certainly contributed to the war as well.

The war was started by the Russians. After which the French came to their aid. The whole war seemed to be short-lived. It erupted in the summer, and seemed to end the same summer or at the beginning of autumn.


No one can help us


No one could help us in this distress. Austria disagreed, and so was Germany. The Finns had not participated in this war. As before, they were severely oppressed, and probably did not have access to weapons. Holland was busy with war in his colonies in East Asia, otherwise they would have helped us. At the time, England had a bloody war in Ireland.

In Italy, many stood on bare ground due to various earthquakes. I thought I heard "Vesuvius" names in connection with terrible natural disasters in Italy, which became more devastating and violent than ever before. Large numbers of this country's population would be left on bare ground. In particular, things were bad at the time. It looked bad for the Turks, and it looked as if another Balkan war had haunted Turkey. The Serbs were oppressed and in a lot of pain. A large part of northern France belonged to Germany at the time. At the time, the French did not have Elsass-Lothringen. Germany heard I had been allowed to cede some of its current colonies to France, which at that time had large colonies. But I heard from the old mayor that the French didn't have their former power. I also heard the Baltic Sea provinces as German.

At the time, Russia did not have the vast power of the tsard. Its borders were as I had previously seen, with the exception of Ukraine, Poland and the Baltic Sea provinces.

He saw Russia at the time as a greatly diminished country, without Ukraine, without the Baltic states and Poland. Russia is therefore finished as a great power at that time. This is exactly what's happened.

I also heard that there were masses of Christians in Germany and England, but that France and Russia were light on God's scales. Large numbers of Jews were returned to Jerusalem and their country at that time.

In 1907, when the Lebesby man had this vision, it was inconceivable that the Jews would return to Israel. The state of Israel was first established in 1948.


End of vision


Toward the end, the Lord said, "You shall be careful not to fall into pride and come away from me." I then prayed to the Lord that He would help me during the coming years, and through His Holy Spirit inform and teach me, that I was not wrong about the time. After the Lord had promised to fulfill my prayer, the vision disappeared.


I woke up with a sense of beven(Trepidation) and heavy responsibility, but after a while I also felt a mighty inner power and a great calm. It was almost 4:00 in the morning when I woke up. I didn't talk to anyone in the previous years about the things I'd seen. No one up here would have believed me. You probably should have just mocked me for the things I was talking about.


In his waddling shed and his comage, Lebesbymannen travelled to Stockholm. There he visited Colonel Mellander and told him what he had seen and what he had been tasked with notifying the Swedish government. It was good that Colonel Mellander found the statements so strange that he wrote them up. And together with the records that were made with the help of K.F.U.Ms secretary, these records, which in February and March 1914 were reproduced in Swedish newspapers, are the first printed accounts of the "prophet from Finnmark." They were also reproduced in Norwegian newspapers.

In Stockholm he stayed for several days and did so through Prince Bernadotte's request to come to Berlin. The prince kindly took him and showed him to the German consulate. The German minister was not present, but "his deputy got angry and told me to go away."


The Lebesby man warned The Norwegian Prime Minister Gunnar Knudsen against the war. But I don't think he took him seriously. For in parliament he uttered his famous words about "the cloudless sky" "What is it going on? It should be interesting to know. At present, the relationship is that the political sky, the world politically speaking, is cloudless to a degree that has not been the case for many years."

In Oslo, Anton Johansen made several vain attempts to come to Berlin and talk to Emperor Wilhelm. The Emperor had to "for everything in the world" not join the war. But the Lebesby man didn't get a passport.

The 28th. The murder took place in Sarajevo on June 30, 1914.

23. On 17 July, Count Berchtold handed over the Austro-Hungarian ultimatum to Serbia,

28. July Austria-Hungary declared Serbia war,

On 31 July, Russia mobilized,

On 1 August, Germany declared War on Russia,

On 3 August, Germany declared France war,

On August 4th Germans marched into Belgium, on the same day Britain declared War on Germany, then a battle broke out. World War 1 was underway.

In the cloudless skies that the Norwegian prime minister had talked about, there had suddenly been a thunderstorm.


Visions come true


Here are the visions that the Lebesby man saw and that have already come true. "It's impossible" one said to Lebesbymann before Christmas 1913,

"that Belgium can do Germany some harm. It's ridiculous that mighty Germany should be crossed by Belgian troops."

"I've seen it that way in my visions," Lebesby replied.

On June 28, 1914, the murder took place in Sarajevo, and World War I was underway. Anton Johansen's visions of the world war had thus come true.

There is no doubt that Johansen saw both World War 1 and 2.

It wasn't always easy to tell the wars apart, because the pictures that he saw rolled away as on a movie. But there was still a difference.


In The 1st World War, there was only talk of war on Earth. He saw the huge fronts and trenches filled with people and guns. He heard the guns drip and followed the firebrands in the sky.


But in 2012, something completely new came along.

He didn't know the planes in 1907, but now he suddenly saw bombing raids on Europe's darkened cities with large "air fleets."

He saw Germany's division after the war.

He saw the return of Jews to Israel (the state of Israel was established in 1948).

He saw India's liberation from England.

He saw major political upheavals in China (Mao came to power in 1949, the Cultural Revolution began in 1966, and as a result thousands of people died of starvation, and millions were killed.)

He saw the earthquake in San Francisco in 1906. (this city was almost leveled by the earth then.)

He also saw the earthquake in Messina in 1908.

He had also heard the name Schleswig being mentioned. And it sounded like Denmark was going to get this country back. But when he also heard that Denmark was at peace all the time, and that he did not see acts of war at Denmark's border, he did not understand this.

He could not possibly know in 1907 that some of President Wilson's idealistic 14 points were included in the Treaty of Versailles in 1919. One of them was that small border people themselves should be allowed to decide - which country they would belong to. In this way Nordslesvig voted his way home to Denmark, and on 15 June 1920 the reunification took place.

He also heard that just before World War III came, there would be a lot of talk of peace. Fake peace maneuvers would be made. Yet it has not happened that Russia and France have attacked Norway and Sweden. But the Lebesby man saw it happen.

At that time, Russia was a greatly reduced country, without Britain, and the Baltic Provinces (Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania) and Poland. Russia is therefore finished as a great power at that time. World War III has led to internal division and civil war and division into several smaller states.

The reason Russia is helped by France to attack Scandinavia is because the majority of France at that point will be communist.

Johansen believed that this Nordic war had to be the end of World War III.

In his visions, he had also seen that there would be "terrible diseases at the end of the war." Diseases that "shall require great sacrifices." It would be worst in the warring countries, but also in our country they would ravage badly. These Lebesby man's warnings were read with an interest in dog thousands of people. Surely also of many among the approximately 36,000 in Norway and the approximately 50,000 in Sweden who within a year had died of the Spanish flu.


Johansen said Europe would be like a big hospital. Some time later, the "Spanish flu" ravaged all countries, killing about 15 million people. After a while, one could read about the "prophet of war" in all the country's newspapers.



The war that didn't come


In 1907, Lebesbymann said Norway would go to war in 1953.

Then one might ask, why didn't the war come?

The Daily telegraph said in 1957 that Stalin was ready to wage the Soviet Union into war against western powers when he died in March 1953.

One of the paper's journalists, David Floyd, said he had received this from someone who held a responsible position in the Soviet government. It is said that the stroke that Stalin suffered was a consequence of his outrage over the signing of the Balkan Pact between Greece, Turkey and Yugoslavia. Everyone in high positions in Stalin's immediate circle was convinced that Stalin planned to go to war in the spring or summer of 1953.

That's exactly what God showed the Lebesby man in 1907.

We know from several Christian magazines from that time that prayer was encouraged for Norway. We also know that it was prayed that God would either save or remove Stalin. We believe God stopped the war that was to come in 1953 because of the prayers of Christians

As the dutiful man Anton was, he gained several positions of trust in his municipality.

He was for many years a member of Lebesby's board of directors and church servant for over 30 years.

In 26 sommre he was an assistant at the geographical survey in Finnmark. He was used as a carrier, as at the same time he was a strong and willing fellow.

Captain Einar Halle, who was head of the survey in 1898, has issued a statement about him that he "has stood for the surveying officers as a phenomenon."

What distinguished Anton Johansen was his colossal work ethic and belief that the work was the only thing that held in the struggle of life next to "prayer and fear of God."

His chair in Lebesby Church never stood empty until he was home.

In the place in the church where he used to pray, even marks appear after the knee fall.


Anton Johansen died in 1928. In the broadcast, eulogy was given over him. The professor who gave the eulogy called him "an index finger up to God."


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Stein A Johannessen